Please Don’t Touch Me- An Autobiography

Oh hi. Hi. Hey. Hello. Bon jour.  Is this too much already? I’m panicking. I’m not backspacing this. Oh well. Here we are. Unedited, unrefined, uninformed, unsober… We are Kelsey and Maddie.  Two friends with general anxiety disorders and the occasional bout of crippling depression.  Good thing we have each other, because otherwise no one else would confirm our deepest fears which some may call unrealistic, but are actually very valid if you do enough research and actually pay attention to the world despite what my mother says….  Got a feel for what you should expect from this blog yet?  No? Let’s dive a little deeper…

maddie and kelsey

We have some daily fucked up thoughts that, due to our anxiety and ever changing medication status, will be a continual part of our lives.  We don’t research shit, we don’t know how to politically approach these subjects, and usually we have no fucking clue if we’re about to offend someone.  And even if we did, we don’t care because meds.

This blog is not for the weak. Or the strong. Or the medium build.  But if you ever have some fucked up shit going on in your brain and you think “no one ever thinks this,” you’re probably right, but we won’t judge you for it.